A big round of applause to the Yes EDUCATION team! Yes EDUCATION provides a professional, committed, innovative towards their work and relationship with Sydney TAFE. Thank you for your ongoing support, for being approachable and being a leader within the international education arena. No hesitation in recommending Yes EDUCATION – Well done!
Winnie Vo
Student Recruitment & Marketing Officer, Sydney TAFE
We have worked with Yes EDUCATION since 2011 for international students’ recruitment and have found them to be professional, knowledgeable and compliance aware. Wayne and Joni are always available with advice and suggestions and the team at Yes EDUCATION are friendly and reliable. Their communication and response times are excellent and student enrolments are of high quality. They were also of great assistance in looking after us and arranging agent meetings on our recent trip to China’.
Kerrie Eagle
Registrar, Bedford College
Yes EDUCATION has been a great partner to work with. Their professionalism and hard work are evident in their day to day business. Joni, Wayne and their team are also proactive, warm, friendly, and very helpful in any situation. They provide high quality customer service and insightful information to students. We love working with Yes EDUCATION and wish them all the very best in their future endeavours.
Agnes Yoanneta
Partner Manager, Insearch Limited
We’ve worked with several Australian Education compliance and marketing consultants over the years, and we would rank “Yes EDUCATION” as one of the most insightful and strategic teams with whom we’ve partnered. Joni and Wayne effectively challenged our thinking, helped us better analyze our business insights and performance, and always ensured the team keep the consumer top of mind to drive Quality-based strategic choices for our VET business requirements. We would recommend “Yes EDUCATION” to anyone who is seeking compliant quality advice/service in VET area for making tough, strategic decisions to grow their business.
Jason Hwang
Principal Executive Officer, SIBN College
在Yes EDUCATION 、IESC、我们尊敬的教育代理和学生之间搭建了一个真正丰富的平台。我发现Yes EDUCATION诚实、友好、高效率的员工渴望展示他们的专业知识和为客户提供密切支持。Yes EDUCATION继续在他们的商业实践中提供令人羡慕的标准服务。真诚的寻求有实效的方法是他们获得成功的关键:与IESC宝贵而持久的合作关系已经建立,使我们的企业在竞争激烈的市场中蓬勃发展,以客户为中心的目标使我们受益匪浅。我强烈推荐Yes EDUCATION给那些寻求优秀的专业营销服务的公司。
Victor Congerton
Director of Studies, International Education Specialist College (IESC)
I’m gratified of Yes EDUCATION’s team as always has a good track record in strategic management and achievement record in building successful outcome and in driving performance. Yes EDUCATION has demonstrated an excellent capability in customer service on how to cope within educational industry and student services environments. While this may prejudice the depth of my ability to comment on a variety of aspects of Yes EDUCATION’s team professional capacity, I am confident that my 15+ years of experience in educational milieus validate my observations. All my best wishes to Yes EDUCATION!
Denny Kusno
Principal Executive Officer, Victory College of Design
作为澳大利亚悉尼Tyndale基督教学校的校长, 我很乐意支持Yes EDUCATION作为国际学生营销公司。 我与他们合作迄今表明,他们与我和我的员工的服务和互动都是富有信誉的、专业的。
Jack Joyce
Principal, Tyndale Christian High School
Yes EDUCATION不仅帮助我们招生,他们也一直在积极提供切实可行的意见和建议来提高我们的竞争地位。 他们一直有求必应并且以客户为导向地开展工作,我很高兴与Yes EDUCATION一起工作。
Colin Crabtree
Director of Advancement, Marketing & Admissions, Avondale College of Higher Education
Yes EDUCATION are a professional, friendly and ethical team to work with. They are responsive and committed to developing a deep level of knowledge about who we are and what we offer international students so that their students are well informed about CQUniversity. I’ve been nothing but impressed with Yes EDUCATION and would have no hesitation in recommending them
Fiona Devine
International Recruitment Executive, CQUniversity Australia
Yes Education最近成为Swinburne的教育伙伴,很快我发现幕后有一支优秀的团队。 在韦恩和乔尼的领导下,凭借他们的专业精神和出色的领导能力,我们期待着我们在不久的将来取得共同的成功!
Venus Liao
Senior Coordinator, Swinburne University of Technology
我们和Yes EDUCATION 公司 合作很久了,这期间他们的员工和管理层都非常专业,有耐心,根据我们的学生背景,提供了很好的择校选择方案。Yes EDUCATION 的确是一个可以信赖的商业合作伙伴。
Ye luyan
Co-Founder, Xinqiao Global
Since our partnership with Yes Education began a few years ago, we have acquired a significant amount of knowledge regarding the Australian Education industry. All the members of their team are extremely friendly and always approachable. This reliability is becoming harder and harder to find in this increasingly competitive market. We welcome their continued presence in China for many more years to come.
Daisy Jiang
Co-Founder, YueYang Education
Yes EDUCATION is a unique player in the Education industry in Australia and other key Asia Pacific countries. Their support that they have provided to our team has been invaluable in helping us to deliver the most up to date and relevant information to our clients. We have also seen our efficiency rise dramatically – we can now focus our time on the large number of student enquiries we receive and deliver the best service to our clients. Without Yes EDUCATION, this is impossible.
Jie Lin
Co-Founder, Highflying Education Consulting
We are satisfied and grateful for the work cooperation with Yes EDUCATION. They are always deliver the work professionally with immediate respond. We also found that all the staff are friendly, cooperative and helpful. I am sure it will be a greater future with Yes EDUCATION as our working partner in this education field.
Arnantyo Naresyworo
Founder & CEO, NIEC Indonesia
Prime Education Centre对与Yes EDUCATION的合作非常满意。 Yes EDUCATION团队非常乐于助人和友好。 他们对所有的咨询都能迅速作出回应,所提供的信息也很明确。 给Yes EDUCATION两个大大的赞!
Rionaldo Prabowo
Director, Prime Education Centre
Yes EDUCATION绝对无疑是我们一直在合作的最好的澳大利亚教育公司之一,我对他们的专业服务和友善的员工感到非常满意。
Bill Tran
Director, Vinalinks
We have been much happy to work well with Yes EDUCATION’s marketing team. They are all supportive and proactive to assist us. We are looking forward to working with them for many years to come
Johnny Nguyen
Director, CMI Vietnam
I am very happy to be able to cooperate with Yes Education, and I am very grateful for the professional services and assistance they provide so that more students can make the most correct choice for their future. Looking forward to a longer-term cooperation, I also like their professional services and staff attitude。
Long Yu
Student Recruitment & Marketing Officer, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation
“Yes Education is a great education partner to work with. The team led by Joni and Wayne is highly professional and welcoming. We look forward to continuing working with the team closely.”
Joon Wong
Student Recruitment Manager – Oceania, University of Adelaide College
I have no hesitation in recommending Yes Education Group. They have an excellent response time with regards to the questions of students. They are always professional, knowledgeable and aware of all compliance mandates. They are committed to building positive relationships within the International Student community.
Dianne Quarmby
Coordinator Overseas Students, St Scholastica's College
‘YES Education has been a great education partner to work with in Australia and overseas. The team is professional, friendly and innovative in terms of marketing and student recruitment. I’m also impressed by your team’s customer-oriented service delivery. I wish all the best in your business ventures.
Adam Weng
Student Recruitment and Marketing Officer from DE International, NSW Department of Education.
We have been partnered with Yes Education for over a year and as a new partnership they are engaged, practical and offer an outstanding service. The team are very professional, knowledgeable and well connected within the industry. We look forward to our shared success in the future!
Amy Kominek
Business Development Manager ( South East Asia, LATAM, Australia), University of Canberra
Yes EDUCATION is a valuable partner to TAFE SA. What impresses us is that the team is incredibly professional and efficient, offering exclusive marketing opportunities as well as premium student counselling services. This is reflected at all stages of the students application journey. We expect to continue and further cooperate with Yes EDUCATION into the future and look forward to achieving better recruitment outcomes.
Niki Zhang
Manager, International Recruitment, TAFE SA
ACU and Yes Education have an excellent working partnership and I have great confidence in their student recruitment processes as well as ability in providing a high level of support services for their students. I appreciate their dedication to creating value for their clients and stakeholders. This passion and innovation are the defining characteristics of Yes Education Group as an organisation
Desmond Wong
Regional Manager, International Marketing and Student Recruitment (Acting) Australian Catholic University
Since we came to the Australia onshore market, we have so benefited from our partnership with Yes Education. We share the commitment to student's success. We share the commitment to the growth and development of international education. Yes Education is a wonderful team providing professional marketing service, dedicated student support and high-efficient channel-partner management. Our business is growing with a forward continuing partnership which we have successfully started and grown in the past. Thanks to Yes Education for being a great partner. We look forward to working together in the years to come
Jojo Li
Senior Regional Recruitment Manager, Up Education
It is my pleasure to work with Yes Education Group and I am impressed by profession and passion of the team. We have been working closely in organizing roadshows and recruitment activates within their extensive networks around the world, ranging from Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nepal, etc. I would like to express my gratitude to Joni, Wayne and everyone in the team for their hard work on branding and promoting TAFE NSW in the market and their satisfactory customer service for international students.
Maggie BAI
International Student Recruitment & Marketing, TAFE NSW
We have worked with Yes Education for a couple of years now and always find them professional, supportive, innovative and proactive! Yes Education continue to strive to provide the best opportunities and outcomes for their students and do this with a friendly and welcoming attitude which is greatly appreciated – thank you Yes Education keep up the great work!
Lara Stone
Country Recruitment Manager North Asia, South-East Asia & Australasia, Flinders International
Working with Yes Education team since 2017, it’s deeply impressed by their enthusiasm, professionalism, commitment and responsibility. They are deserve to expand to 14 branches in 8 countries during the first decade. We are very fortunate to have such great partner - Yes Education. I couldn't be more thrilled to work with such a terrific group of people. May your business be prosperous and help more and more International students’ dream come true
Josephine Lao
Partner Sales Manager, Study Group
I’ve had the pleasure to work with Yes Education for more than 5 years now, and I’m happy to say the experience has been nothing but positive. Their entire team has always demonstrated high levels of professionalism, customer service, dedication and a genuine passion in what they do. Their knowledge and experience in the international education industry is second to none, and this is evident by their continued growth and expansion in recent years. KBS Australia really appreciates having a wonderful business partner like Yes Education and would have no hesitation recommending them. I’m sure our professional relationship will continue to grow and prosper for the many years to come and we certainly look forward to it
Yong Lim
Regional Manager (South East & East Asia) | Kaplan Business School
Yes Education is incredibly the best business partner I’ve ever known. I would definitely recommend them 100% legit. They are very supportive and awesome when it comes to the services they are offering. At first, I am afraid and hesitant of what they are offering to me since I don’t usually deal with unknown business partner especially with no referrals. But, when I talk to Mr. Wyne and Joni, I was so amazed about the services that they can offer to us. They say for me to overcome my fears, you must try. You won’t get any experience unless you will try. In short, I was their first agent partner in the Nepal and I am so thankful and proud of it. Yes Education is just like my second family. It’s more than my expectation, especially the 24 hours support and quick response every time. When I send message to them even on weekends and after office hours. I am so thankful to Yes Education team for giving me the chance to explore their services especially to Mr. Bo. without your support this wouldn’t be possible. It’s a kind of worth. Highly recommended with their service and friendly staffs. Thank you very much and keep it up. More business with you yet to come.
Director, Avenue Education
I have found the team at Yes Education were very active in Vietnam even though 2020 wasn’t easy. The team has been working hand in hand with us, every application has been closely followed up and they always want to do it right. What I really like is their proactive way of working, that ensure every application is on track. Keep up the good work team, and I do look forward to better 2021 and the years to come.
Dzuy Hua
Senior Partner Sales Manager, Study Group
Yes Education is a professional, reliable and an overall excellent partner of the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP- Navitas). The team understands what student needs and providing the right solutions and guidance to make sure their study journey is smooth and stress-free. Despite the challenges we all experiencing at the moment, I firmly believe Yes Education is a trusted partner with excellent business acumen.
Zoe Lin
Regional Market Manager, Australian College of Applied Psychology
Yes Education is very active and professional in providing updated study overseas knowledge to student who is looking for study in UK, USA, EU, Australia and others too. I truly impressed with how Yes Education works and the organized flow/systematic yet friendly support (including application, Visa submission, securing accomodations and landing in the overseas university smoothly) has given student and partner universities full confidence and full trust. Definitely will support Yes Education and will refer to student who needs helps.
Man Yin, Choong
Student Recruitment Manager,  ONCAMPUS/Cambridge Education Group
Yes Education has been a trusted partner and great pleasure to work with! Wayne and Joni are highly experienced with excellence knowledge of international education and industry connections. The team is always approachable with professionalism, prompt response and inspiring initiatives, which translates into business growth and success. They provide high quality applications and tailor made solutions to students so that the best outcome can be achieved for all parties. I highly recommend Yes Education, thank you for the dedication, passion and support even during this tough time! We look forward to working more closely with the team in the years to come.
Michelle Luo
Regional Manager – Oceania, Navitas Limited