Victoria is the Education State – a state where all students have every opportunity to reach their potential. Making Victoria the Education State means putting education at the centre of everything we do, and providing a great education to every student at every school.

Victorian government schools have been welcoming international students for over 20 years. Their schools provide international students with a high-quality education, pathways to higher education and a genuine opportunity to succeed and achieve their dreams.

With a choice of nearly 250 accredited primary and secondary schools, each offering a diverse curriculum and innovative teaching practices, the windows of opportunity are endless.

For international students, Victoria offers a smooth passage through each stage of education. Choose one of the world-famous universities or further your studies with vocational education.

Why Study at Victorian Government Schools?

  • A Victorian education provides students with the education and skills to compete in new and emerging industries globally.
  • High academic achievement is central to the way they teach… they also inspire a love of learning because they celebrate different learning styles, creative and independent thinking and personal and social development.
  • Award-winning classrooms and buildings open students’ eyes to the wonders of learning in an interactive and exciting way.
  • A well-balanced, well rounded curriculum provides diverse pathways and directions for every student.
  • The Victorian Certificate of Education is a world-renowned senior high school certificate plus there’s a range of other vocational qualifications.
  • They’re a government provider, which means rigorous standards for student welfare, support and achievement.
  • That inspiration and guidance saw over 98% of students from Victorian government schools successfully complete VCE in 2015.
  • Victorian students are among Australia’s best when it comes to numeracy and literacy, according to the 2016 National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) Summary Report.
  • They’ve earned worldwide trust as advisors and partners in the development of high-level policy and curriculum.
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