Torrens University Australia targets at providing its graduates with a globally oriented skillset. It offers vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate courses across Design, Business, Project Management, Sports Management, Education and Health.

What sets Torrens apart is the efficient trimester system that allows for courses to be completed within shorter timeframe than other public university schemes.

With campuses in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane, the University believes in convenience in learning methods and flexibility for the students to use campus facilities whenever it suits their schedules. Answering the needs of students who live remotely, Torrens offers its courses online.

Chifley Business School and Billy Blue College of Design are just a few of Torrens’ prestigious family members.

Why Study at Torrens University Australia?

  • Part of international network
  • Access to national campus network
  • Dynamic online learning
  • Fast track courses leading to career and professional network
  • Small class sizes
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