Tintern Grammar is a school rich with history and tradition. Established as Tintern in the suburb of Hawthorn in 1877 by founder Emma B Cook, the School has continued to educate children for over 100 years on the timeless premise of learning, wisdom and excellence. In 1953 Tintern moved to a larger, spacious, treed campus in the Melbourne suburb of East Ringwood.

Their history spans over 135 years and is genuinely open entry, welcoming both boys and girls onto their campus. Their environment is vibrant, dynamic and student-centred. They utilise our world-leading Parallel Learning model to support the growth of our students through a crafted combination of single gender and co-educational classroom experiences.

Their environment is vibrant, dynamic and student-centred. We utilise our world-leading Parallel Education model to support the growth of our students through a mixture of single- sex and co-educational classroom experiences.

Why Study at Tintern Grammar?

    Tintern’s encouraging, supportive and focussed learning environment inspires personal and academic excellence.
    Successful global citizenship of the 21st century goes beyond academic excellence. Tintern provides endless opportunities to develop these broader skills.
    At Tintern, every child matters. By knowing and caring for every student we nurture them to achieve their best.
    Combining the benefits of single-gender and co-educational learning, Tintern meets the key needs of students at every age.
    Tintern’s dedicated, passionate and highly skilled teachers are an essential ingredient of our quality education.
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