The University of Adelaide College is dedicated to providing their students with an education that thoroughly prepares them for success at university. The partnership between the University of Adelaide and the College offers a special opportunity to study on campus and adjust to campus life before you begin your undergraduate studies.

The College is proud to be the University’s preferred pathway provider and provides you with a learning environment where you are respected, guided and encouraged to reach your maximum potential and achieve your goal of entering the University of Adelaide well prepared to face the challenges of undergraduate life. Their highly professional and caring teachers support the students in their learning, in an open and friendly environment.

Why Study at The University of Adelaide College?

At the University of Adelaide College they provide students with a pathway to
undergraduate studies at the University of Adelaide – one of Australia’s prestigious ‘Group of Eight’ universities. The University of Adelaide College is the University’s preferred pathway provider.

  • A part of the University
    All students at the College are part of the University of Adelaide and have
    access to University facilities and resources. Students often have the
    opportunity to study on campus and like all other university students can
    make the most of the university experience with access to the student union,
    its clubs and societies.
  • University syllabus
    Designed with support from the University of Adelaide, their programs
    combine university and bridging materials to prepare students for success in
    their tertiary studies. Program standards, including curriculum and
    assessment, are maintained by the University to ensure the highest academic
  • Degree options
    The University of Adelaide offers students from the College a choice from a
    wide range of bachelor degrees. Students who successfully complete their
    College program progress to their bachelor studies. Pathway availability will
    depend on meeting the necessary prerequisites; fixed quotas apply to
    selected degree programs.
  • Individual attention
    Small class sizes allow their experienced and understanding academic staff to
    deliver effective lessons while providing individual guidance, ensuring students take important steps to achieving their study and career goals and
    go on to fulfil their potential at the University.
  • Language support
    For those who need to improve English proficiency prior to undertaking a
    Foundation Studies or Degree Transfer program, the appropriate number of
    weeks of General Academic English can be packaged with and completed
    prior to the main program. English language support is also provided during
    the Foundation Studies and Degree Transfer programs.
  • A pathway to success
    The College provides an engaging, caring and academically stimulating
    environment that prepares students for a successful transition to the
    University of Adelaide.
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