Taylors College is a well-established, leading college in Australia and New Zealand.

They provide world class, specialised programs in university preparation and secondary school education. With over 90 years experience in the education industry, they have achieved unparalleled success in preparing students for their university study.

Ever since Mr George Taylor established the first college in Melbourne back in 1920, Taylors College has continued to follow his vision: that education is the key to future success in life.

Their aim is simple – to enable their students to enter the degree program they choose, at the university of their choice, so that they can have the career they want.

This philosophy, combined with their expertise, has enabled Taylors College to evolve into Australia and New Zealand’s leading university preparation establishment.

Why Study at Taylors College?

  • Group of Eight universities and the top universities in New Zealand choose their students because they know Taylors College students are able to excel in tertiary education.
  • Taylors College campuses are located in Sydney, Perth and Auckland. The advantage of studying in Australia or New Zealand is that you can enjoy the metropolitan city lifestyle while not being too far away from the stunning outdoor surrounds.
  • Their curriculum is adapted and personalized to suit you and your needs. They’ll work with you to develop your complete skill base – academic, linguistic, cultural and social – so that you become a confident student who will succeed at University.
  • Much of their early support involves helping you adapt to life in a new country. Each campus has a Student Welfare Officer who is available to assist with a variety or personal problems
  • From teachers to support staff, from Student Counsellors to Activities Managers, Taylors College has some of the finest people working in education today. They have a passion for Taylors College and for the development of their students.
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