North Melbourne Grammar College is a newly registered senior secondary provider near the heart of Melbourne. They are committed to providing a concept in Education that is different to most of the existing providers in the marketplace. At North Melbourne Grammar College their aim is to develop a school that enables students to explore their preferred pathway while striving to achieve their very best.

They intend to develop a school that prepares its students for the future workplace in which they will find themselves. Their College will provide modern, bright classrooms for class-based learning. They will provide a Learning Centre for collaborative and individualised learning. Areas will exist dedicated to the pathways outlined in their Teaching & Learning programs. And, their goal is to be one of the leading educational providers in Melbourne within a decade.

Why Study at North Melbourne Grammar College(NMGC)?

  • Their teachers support each student through their learning journey and actively encourage participation (both in and out of class).
  • At present, NMGC’s Campus has around a dozen formal classrooms including well equipped IT rooms. The Campus is fully equipped with WIFI facilities. All classrooms are well equipped and include audio visual displays.
  • At North Melbourne Grammar College they are committed to developing a positive culture of respect in which team work is encouraged and fostered.
  • A guaranteed pathway to tertiary studies upon successful completion of the VCE.
  • At North Melbourne Grammar College , they strive to provide a broad, challenging and high quality educational program to students from diversity cultural backgrounds and to assist students to develop the skills and knowledge required to be successful in the modern world.
  • The focus of the school is the academic and personal development of each student. They are committed to developing students who are resilient and adaptable, equipped with the knowledge, skill , and the disposition to continue their education and become personally fulfilled, interdependent, socially responsible adults.
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