Laneway International College is one of Australia’s leading private providers of nationally recognised courses.

Their focus is on the specialised disciplines of Business (Entrepreneurship), Marketing (Social Media) and Leadership & Management (Intrapreneurship).
Laneway was founded and established by a group of likeminded entrepreneurs that wanted to create an educational hub to train and create work-ready
professionals who can move directly into industry.

They place great emphasis on building project based learning and problem solving into all of our courses. They continually keep course curricula relevant.
By engaging academic staff who are practicing industry professionals, they are confident in delivering a workplace experience as an integral part of your
course of study. All of this stems from their striving to contribute directly to the career prospects of our students.

Laneway International College is in tight with vibrant startup ventures and businesses via Tank Stream Labs so they’re able to open doors for their
students through their internship and work placement programs in Sydney and across Australia.

Laneway’s a leading specialised education provider, above all else. They fully understand the need to provide a personalised education.

Why Study at Laneway International College?

  • Course curriculum is centered on real-world case studies and project-based learning. They aim to equip you with real life skills and knowledge.
  • Optional internship and work experience opportunity at Tank Stream Labs – one of Australia’s hottest startup hubs.
  • Their courses are delivered by leading industry experts and highly qualified educators.
  • One-on- one mentorship and coaching program.
  • Flexible face-to- face timetable and ability to study online (mobile and eLearning system) for certain subjects.
  • After graduation, enter the workforce or continue your studies with one of their global partners.
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