Established in 1982, John Paul College is one of Australia’s leading independent K-12 co-educational schools and Queensland’s first ecumenical school. John Paul College has been preparing students for their place in the world for more than thirty-six years and, in 1997, opened John Paul International College to better prepare students for their studies in Australia.

John Paul International College offers an International Primary Preparation Course (years 4 – 6) an​d a High School Preparation Course (years 7 – 10) for international students to facilitate entry to John Paul College ​mainstream c​lasses.

John Paul International College helps international students to meet academic entry standards and develop study, language and cultural skills, ensuring a smooth​​​ and successful transition to their study in Australia, either at Primary School, High School or Diploma/Degree courses in Australian universities.

Why Study at John Paul International College?

  • John Paul International College programme enable students to fulfil academic and personal potential. With a diverse range of academic and sports subjects to choose from, students can gain a deeper understanding of the world and the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the most desirable jobs of the future.
  • At John Paul College students have the advantage of fast-tracked, experiential and direct-entry pathways to Australian universities, TAFE and vocational education institutions.
  • John Paul International College provides first class care for international students from the moment they arrive in Queensland. We provide ongoing specialist support to ensure international students can focus on studying and enjoying life.
  • John Paul College has a long history of innovation in teaching and learning. John Paul College is a wireless campus. Each student from Years 4 -12 is supplied with a notebook computer and the College offers technical hardware and software support via Techsphere, a team of IT professionals is integral to teaching and learning at the College and their teaching staff are leaders in this field.
  • The College has an OLYMPIC record of Australian sporting representatives. Many students have made selection to National and State teams. Added to these individual achievements are the many Premiership titles achieved each year by College teams in The Associated Schools Competition (TAS).
  • John Paul College's School of Performing Arts has a far-reaching reputation for the outstanding professionalism of its productions and performances.
  • State-of-the-art facilities include a purpose-built international education building, multi- million dollar Senior Student Centre, campus-wide wireless Internet, wireless-connected classrooms, extensive sporting facilities, a modern Aquatic Centre, music centre/300 seat auditorium, science laboratories and cyber Library and cafeteria.
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