Managing Director

Jason has over a decade’s working experience and in-depth knowledge within banking and insurance industry. He holds a bachelor’s degree with the major in Education. Jason has extensive working experience and industry knowledge in software engineering, corporate training and auction. Throughout his many years working experience in China market, he has developed a solid network with major stakeholders.

With his rich background and extensive proven experience in leading company strategic direction, managing human resources including attracting and hiring suitable and qualify personnel, Yes Education has successfully established more branch offices with larger and solid team members in Bhutan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Nepal & Vietnam.

In the role of Managing Director, Jason will drive Yes Education business to the next level.

Wayne LIM

Marketing Director

Offering world class professionalism, and international eloquence, Wayne founded Yes EDUCATION with over a decade’s working experience and in-depth knowledge of the Australian International Education industry.

Graduated from Charles Sturt University and merited his postgraduate qualification from Swinburne University of Technology, Wayne has sat on various executive positions ranging from management, compliance, and marketing with a number of Australian Education Providers.

Wayne’s ingenious concepts are the brainchild of Yes EDUCATION line of businesses and he is passionate about the potential future and impact of marketing in Australian International Education. He has developed a solid network with major stakeholders in the industry, worldwide Education Agents as well as establishing a global presence for Yes EDUCATION.


Marketing Director

Together with Wayne Lim, Joni Tjhin established Yes EDUCATION after having worked in several Registered Training Organisations (RTO) on different roles ranging from Management, Marketing and Academic.

As an experienced and highly dedicated specialist in RTO consultancy, Joni understands the unique requirements in every aspect of running an RTO. He is naturally proficient in providing assistance on setups, support, and advice over matters concerning RTO operations within Australia. His extensive knowledge of the RTO industry and advanced mindset have proven to be the drive behind Yes EDUCATION. 

Mike LIN

Regional Marketing Director (Asia Pacific)

Graduated from the University of Nottingham with BA (Hons) Degree in International Communications and subsequently awarded MPhil Degree in Education by the University of Cambridge, Mike is an expert in providing overseas study consulting related to UK and Australia. In the past 10 years, Mike has helped more than 500 students successfully received offers from the worlds Top 100 universities, such as the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, LSE, Imperial College, UCL, Australian National University, University of Melbourne, and University of Sydney.

Having been studying in the UK for many years and now as a permanent resident of Australia, Mike has a deep understanding of the education systems, as well as the characteristics of education providers in both countries. He is always thirsty for learning more about new education providers and education programs.


Business Development Manager (Asia Pacific)

Passionate about intercultural communication, Bo O’Brien is a professional with a decade of experience working and living across Asia. Bo has spent many years in various account service, business development and marketing roles across the globe, particularly in Shanghai and Ho Chi Minh City where he has learned both Mandarin and Vietnamese.

A former student of both the University of Sydney and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Bo has a nuanced understanding of international education, including the unique challenges and opportunities that face international students. Bo’s time as President of the Australia-China Youth Association has put him in contact with countless international students, who he has helped seek out the best experiences during their time abroad.

It is Bo’s hope to bring this drive, enthusiasm and experience to provide his clients with a reliable and accurate understanding of the Study Abroad industry landscape. 

Michelle LI

Regional Marketing Manager (South China)

Having been working in international education field since 2009, being sophisticated in admission and visa application (Australia, U.S., U.K., Canada and New Zealand), with deep understanding on students’ psychological needs, Michelle LI insists on the mission of being the Dream Carrier for ambitious students, helping them with inspiring their advantages, changing their destiny and earning a promising future by firstly selecting and entering appropriate overseas universities, in the hope of cultivating their critical thinking and independent mind, as well as broadening their horizon with various and professional knowledge.

Long-time interaction with clients of different backgrounds plus over 8 years relevant working experience bring Michelle a keen perspective and particular feeling toward this field. With attributes of good anti-pressure, integrity, strong logic capability and coordination skills, Michelle expects to provide professional and targeted advice for students, establish mutually beneficial cooperation with partner agents, and maintain harmonious relationship with education providers.

Jason WANG

Regional Marketing Manager (North China)

Jason holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nottingham and a master’s degree from the University of Sydney, so he fully understands the system and characteristics of education in the UK and Australia. Jason has been studying in Australia for many years, and his two years of working experience in a Sydney real estate investment company have enabled him to have strong interpersonal skills.

Jason has a keen interest in the cooperation and communication between China and Australia education, and he also hopes that more Chinese parents and students can gain a better understanding of Australian education gradually.

Kelly CHEN

Marketing Specialist (Sydney)

After finishing the higher education of business & management, Kelly started her career in an advertising company. She has been in Sales and Marketing roles for many years including a Shanghai based Oil and Grain Company where her enthusiasm and hardworking traits launched her career from a Sales Consultant to a high profile role of a Marketing Director. Since then, she has continuously developed her skillset and decided to undertake the Marketing Specialist role for Yes EDUCATION. Kelly believes that the most important and universal challenge in marketing is to establish outstanding relationship with clients and meeting their demands in a timely manner regardless of which industry she’s in.

Allvinns Tan

Social Media Manager

Allvinns is an experienced marketer who is intensely passionate about the digital marketing field. He has been in a marketing role for years and realises how the digital revolution transform the way businesses execute marketing strategies.

Over the years, he keeps on sharpening his skills in the digital marketing field by learning Funnel Design, Google Ads, UX/UI Design, HTML, etc.

Allvinns strongly believes that the digital revolution will transform the education sector in the future. Hence, he keeps on enhancing his marketing and digital skills to make sure he can contribute more to the  company and education sector.

Michelle WU

Marketing Officer

Michelle Wu received her master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Newcastle in Australia in 2012. She had accumulated nearly 8 years of study and work experience in Australia before returning to China. Therefore, she is very familiar with Australia’s education system (including primary and secondary schools, undergraduate and postgraduate), work environment, as well as various immigration policies. She has been engaging in HR related work, the experience of which can help her to handle all kinds of study abroad or immigration cases patiently and carefully.

Michelle CHEN

Marketing Officer

Michelle Chen has worked in the international education industry for many years and plays an integral role in the team with her wide-ranging abilities. Over the years working as an English teacher, education provider marketing representative and administration manager, she has grown into a confident leader and exerts positive energy on the team. In addition, her rich amount of experience in student recruitment, school applications and
communications skills has proven to be indispensable for Yes Education as it plans to grow in the Greater China region.

Victor LIAO

Migration Consultant

Victor (MARN 1802400) holds Master of Applied Linguistics from the University of Queensland, Master of Professional Accounting from Macquarie University and Graduate Certificate of Migration Law and Practices from Australian National University. Having stepped into the migration industry for five years, Victor is experienced with different kinds of migration pathways (skilled, employer-sponsored, investment, family etc.) as well as a lot of temporary visas (student, visitor, temporary work, entertainer, specialist etc.).

Before entering the migration industry, Victor was an ESL teacher at EF Education, the world’s largest ESL training provider. Having been helping students from all over China, he understands how important it is to be sufficiently informed and advised regarding migration and visa matters even before students have made their selection on their education programs so that they can be well prepared for the future migration applications and avoid any un-preferred visa issues.

Jason TIAN

Migration Consultant

Jason (MARN 1805929, PIER QEAC: N571) holds Bachelor of Professional Accounting from Macquarie University, Master of Science from University of Wollongong and Graduate Certificate of Migration Laws and Practices from Australia National University. Prior to entering the education and migration industry, Jason worked as an accountant in different multinational companies for four years. This trained Jason as a detail-oriented person. It also gives Jason the capacities and experiences in dealing with clients from different culture backgrounds and enhance his ability to meet client’s requirements. After working in education and migration industry over three years, Jason helps hundreds of clients to obtain the visa they needed. He gains a lot of experiences in dealing with different visa streams, from temporary visas such as student visa, visitor visa, temporary working visa to permeant visas such as skilled migration visas, state nomination visas, employer nomination visas, family visas and investment visas.

Elena YAN

Regional Marketing Manager (Melbourne)

Passionate and experienced in premium customer relationship management with more than 7 years of experience across various leading retail and banking institutions. She is articulate, polished and professional in providing and maintaining excellent relationships with educational partners, business partners and students.

Elena completed VCE at Presbyterian Ladies College and graduated with double-degrees in Bachelor of Commerce and Arts at The University of Melbourne. Being a former young student migrating from Malaysia to Melbourne, she understood the difficulties and challenges with studying abroad. She thrives to transition her great interpersonal skills and personal experience to help make education more accessible and transparent globally.

Vincent LIU

Creative Manager

Graduated from the University of New South Wales with Master Degree in Design, Vincent has customized many advertisements and propaganda programs for international companies and organizations, including Vivo, Air New Zealand and Education New Zealand. He has been in charge of rebranding projects for famous Chinese companies, including Vanke, Shuhua and etc.


Web & Graphic Designer

Ontor Ahmed is a web developer and graphic designer. He has worked in the IT industry for many years and plays an integral role in the team with his wide-ranging skills. Working ability in many different areas of web development from front and backend, WordPress, E-commerce, Digital marketing advertisements, Digital Accessibility, User experience etc.

Over the years working as passionate web development, design in all its forms and helping businesses and educational institution to build and improve their online presence. Ontor has decided to continuously sharpen his skills by undertaking Yes EDUCATION’s Web and Graphic Designer role.

Chornay CHENG (Jenny)

Regional Marketing Executive (Cambodia)

Jenny graduated with a Bachelor of International Relations from Royal University of Law and Economics. As part of her bachelor program, she was also educated in Singapore at Nanyang Technological University. She has been serving as the Group General Manager of Khmer Moha Somnang Co.,Ltd., Far East Import Export Co., Ltd., and Davitra (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd. As the Group GM, she has experienced managing more than 800 staff. Along with Chanboracheat IM (Mike), she is running Yes Education in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as the Regional Marketing Executive (Phnom Penh).

Niranjan PHUYAL

Regional Marketing Manager (South Asia)

Mr Niranjan Phuyal is an international education advisor and marketing expert, with expertise in Nepal and South Asia. He is an experienced education consultant with a decorated history of working in non-government organisations. He is highly skilled in consulting services in higher education, international student recruitment, strategy development and execution. With a strong conviction to achieve inclusive growth by scaling up the future global manpower and business entities in Nepal, Mr. Phuyal is committed on promoting quality education with Yes Education

Mr. Phuyal has successfully built a wide-reaching network with education providers, agents, public and private sector institutes, professional bodies and associations. He is an efficient business development professional with a Masters degree from Ghent University, Belgium.

Elsa GUO

Account Manager

Elsa graduated with a Master Degree of Professional Accounting from the University of Technology Sydney. Elsa is a detail-oriented, highly organized and reliable accountant with strong time management skills and efficient workability. She has a deep understanding of Australian accounting principles, and she is a proficient user of accounting software and Microsoft software. With her comprehensive accounting knowledge and experience, Elsa believes she will be a prominent accountant in Yes Education.


Regional Marketing Manager (Bhutan)

Mr. Ugyen Phuntsho, holding Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Bangalore University, is a highly experienced Education Counsellor who has spent the last 14 years in the education sector. He was the founder of his own company headquarted in Thimpu with a focus on organizing numerous education fairs, events, workshops and conferences related to the education and study abroad industry. He comes to the Yes Education team full of hope and optimism for prospective students, who are choosing to study abroad in record numbers for the high quality of education it offers.

Ugyen is a passionate and diligent leader who has earned great respect from his peers and students in Bhutan, who have credited him with empowering scores of Bhutanese to continue their studies in overseas countries and to return with greater skills to contribute to the modernising of the Bhutanese economy.

Phuntsho CHODEN

Regional Marketing Executive (Bhutan)

Mrs. Phuntsho Choden is an educational consultant who has specialized in school placement and career guidance over the past 14 years in Bhutan. Before her time as an education consultant, Phuntsho was
awarded a Certificate in Counselling Psychology & Career Guidance by Sampurna Montfort College in Bangalore and became certified counsellor by the Ministry of Education – Royal Government of Bhutan.

Her 14 years as a consultant in Bhutan has given her unrivalled knowledge of this niche but growing education market. Phuntsho knows all too well the tangible benefits of studying in overseas countries for Bhutanese students but is also meticulous in ensuring her students are well equipped and prepared before they make the journey and to maximise this rare opportunity abroad.


Regional Marketing Executive (Kota Kinabalu)

Shine started her career in retail industry which provided her a platform for her venture into retail, trading and wholesale business, while serving in the education industry. An enthusiast in education and youth development, she aspires to develop and educate the younger generations to realise their full potential in their future. She has over 12 years of work experience in education as an administrator, education consultant, student affairs and development as well as a lecturer.


Administrative/Marketing Officer

Anjana Timalsina is Yes Education’s Administrative / Marketing Officer who has worked for many years in a number of renowned consultancies in Nepal. Her experience in this field has given her all the skills necessary to provide high level and efficient administrative support to all of our clients in Nepal. She is passionate about Study Abroad and the benefits it can deliver to the greater community. She joined our team to be a part of the collective effort to bridge the gap between Australia and Nepal and promote the cultural exchange between the two great countries.

Anjana graduated with Bachelor in Science Microbiology from Tribhuvan University (Pinnacle Technical College), Nepal in 2016. It is here where she truly gained her affection for the merits of Education and began her journey towards working in the Study Abroad Industry.

Lynn JIN

Regional Marketing Manager (Sydney)

Lynn is a modern day global citizen brought about by her many years dedicated to the study abroad industry and competency in multiple foreign languages. She previously has studied in Japan and Australia, giving her a complete understanding of the education systems and characteristics of these two countries. Over the past few years, she has helped hundreds of students successfully gain acceptance into the schools they desire to. These include the Australian National University, The University of Sydney, The University of Melbourne, The University of New South Wales, The University of Queensland and so on. Lynn’s strength is providing guidance to students who want to learn specific skills, such as Commercial Cookery Courses,Early Childhood Education courses, Auto Repair courses as well as Fitness and Yoga courses. She has a thorough understanding of Australia’s vocational schools and can help students tailor their study programs to their own needs. Under the influence of long-term interaction with students from different backgrounds, Lynn can quickly provide targeted suggestions to the students. Her recognition and strong relationship to student communities is a testament to her professionalism and dedication to students.

Jesseton CHEE

Regional Marketing Manager (Penang)

Chee graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Management from Deakin University and a Fellow member of IPA (Australia) and IFA (UK). Prior to following his calling in education, he worked as a professional accountant in various industries including an international NGO for scientific R&D. Chee co-founded Eduexcel Education to provide quality education in helping to realise each child’s real potential through education and building upon that success, he further formed Fluency International Learning House, a dedicated language centre, for both local and foreign school students and adult learners in the Pearl of the Orient – Penang.

With 15 years of passionate experience in the field of education, playing multiple roles including teaching, his vision to become the first choice in consultation to overseas study, by leading Yes Education Penang. Given his varied background, and his personal experience studying in Australia, he is uniquely positioned to go beyond academic consulting and to ensure students and parents are prepared and equipped for a successful and fruitful journey to greater heights.

Melanie MOEY

Administrative/Marketing Officer

As an education enthusiast, Melanie has completed her Master Degree in Science, comes with a vast range of experience having sat on various executive positions ranging from Research & Development, Process Engineering and Product Planning. A few years later, she involved herself in education sector. As an avid educator in International School, she realized and visualized the importance of nurturing and developing personal growth, and hence she strived very hard to help students achieving their goals and dreams. She was loved by her students due to her friendliness and strong interpersonal skills.

With her combination of experiences and passion in the education sector, Melanie strongly believes her career with Yes Education will boost her professional knowledge, strengthen her skills and broaden her horizon.


Regional Marketing Executive (Batam)

Viona Violeta holds Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in 2016. As a finance manager, Viona is detail-oriented, organized and empowered by her passions to give 100% effort in all her work. The working experience has developed her ability to liaise, coordinate and maintain excellent relationships with clients, partners and other parties at work. In addition, she also was a private tutor to children which shaped her ability to understand the needs of students in this current age.

She aspires to assist the students by providing them valuable advice and guidance and ensuring that they are well prepared and equipped before they make their journey for overseas studies.

Intan AYU

Regional Marketing Manager (Indonesia)

Intan commenced her career in 2008 as Public Relations and Marketing Communication officer for Television and Media Company. After kicking off her career in education industry back in 2012, she discovered her passion and dedication in it.

Working and living in Australia and Indonesia has given Intan immense exposure of both worlds, she has great interpersonal skills and engaging communication techniques that are very crucial in dealing with multiple personalities. More importantly, her positive and can-do attitude are the key in assisting her clients achieving their goals successfully.

Dwight WU

Regional Marketing Manager (Canada)

Dwight graduated from the University of Nottingham with BA (Hons) Degree in International Studies and then Master Degree in Accounting by the University of Toronto. He has work experience in accounting, consulting, bank and logistics. He has a strong interest in education and immigration policy in Canada.

Catherine YANG

Regional Marketing Manager (China)

Having been working as a private high school (UK) representative since 2010, Catherine is familiar with the British education system and application process, and possesses a particular skillset in applying for high schools in the UK. Having 10 years experience in the education industry, she has developed strong interpersonal and communication skills. With the love and dedication to the education industry, as well as her rigorous, professional, patient work attitude, she hopes to build a bridge to make dream of students who have lofty dreams and aspirations come true.


Regional Marketing Manager (Vietnam)

Ivy is a patron of education and international student relation. She has been working with students from different nations and backgrounds, and she knows their struggles in the transitional stage from high school to university thus she understands how to help students overcome the challenges. She has a strong foundation of experience in international education from herself being an international student studying in the United States and Canada. She as well has experience working in the world top tier Education Agent corporation which allows her to build up strong relationship between students, education providers and business partners. Her philosophy is to help students experience the education system from worldwide education providers and create the connection between international students to build up a strong supportive network for them in the university.

Chanboracheat IM (Mike)

Regional Marketing Manager (Cambodia)

Mike holds a Master in Public Policy from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore in 2016. As an educator, he has taught at three of the best universities in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on various subjects such as law, policy, governance, international relations and foreign policy. Mike co-founded Davitra (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd., an education consulting company based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2018. On 13th July 2019, on behalf of Davitra, Mike signed a partnership agreement with Yes Education to establish Yes Education branch in Phnom Penh Cambodia. Thus, he is running Yes Education in Cambodia as the Regional Marketing Manager (Phnom Penh).

Lyhour POCH (JJ)

Regional Marketing Executive (Cambodia)

JJ graduated with a Bachelor of International Studies from Royal University of Phnom Penh, one of the top local university. Meanwhile getting her bachelor degree, she was also educated from Thailand at Chulalongkorn University specialized in ASEAN Studies subject. JJ solidly believes that education is the main tool to contribute and foster country’s development. With her enrichment of knowledge and social skills, she dedicates to provide a professional consultation for higher education in her home country.


Regional Marketing Manager (Indonesia)

After returning home from his studies at Monash University Australia in late 2013, Frangklin started his career in one of the largest education agencies in Indonesia as a Education Counselor and Partnership Officer. He helped the agency grow its
network of institution partners. He then applied his great skills to another renowned agency in early 2019 where he worked as UK and Ireland Education Counselor. Over the years, he has assisted hundreds of students to gain entry into top universities in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada, Malaysia, and Singapore. His dedication and outstanding achievements in his field enabled him to receive invitations to participate in industry leading Study Abroad Conferences in the UK and the US. 

Irene MAN

Regional Marketing Manager (Hong Kong & Macau)

Irene graduated her Master of Education in Higher Education from The University of Hong Kong, and her Bachelor degree in Business at La Trobe University, Australia. She has worked in the international education for over 8 years, she focuses in business development, partner development, teaching, education consultant , sales and marketing as well as recruitment. She is happy to use her ability, experience and skills to support students and parents in order to go to the most suitable programmes, institutions and universities.  


Administrative/Marketing Officer

Risti began her tertiary education with a communications major at Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung, where she learned crucial skills that equipped her to adapt to any situation that comes her way. She believes the famous quote as said by Paul Watzlawick, “you cannot not communicate”, embodies her mission that if we’re good in communication, we’re capable to have opportunities anywhere.

Coming from a strong Education background, she been active in the Education industry for the last 13 years. The range of education fields in the industry that she has experienced before is quite diversed and rich, and she is very used to working in a multicultural environment. Recently she worked as education counsellor at a renowned education agency in Indonesia. She has assisted many students to enroll to Australia and New Zealand Universities since 2017. Being education counsellor gave her broad knowledge in regards to admissions process, visa applications and also preparing accommodation for students. She has also worked and closely engaged in implementing marketing strategies to maximize company’s branding.

If there is one thing that Biodata loves the most about the education industry, it is becoming an integral part of the student’s journey in assisting them reach their dream to study abroad. It is a very fulfilling part of the job. 

Kimmy CHIA

Social Media Executive

Kimmy is holding her Bachelor degree with a major in Performing Arts and a minor in Management at the University of Science Malaysia. She has worked with a few companies in digital marketing, she focuses on content writing, poster designs, marketing campaign as well as creating content. Driven by her passion in marketing, she takes pride in providing her creativity skills and teamwork possible in this position. As a social media executive, her goals include increase branding and reach more international clients.


Regional Marketing Executive

Graduated from both Vietnam National University, Hanoi with the Master Degree in Teaching Methodology and Edith Cowan University in Australia under the Master course of Business Administration International, Lucy has strong foundation of an educator as well as valuable experience of an international student, which helps her understand customers’ need. Especially, working as an education consultant since 2006 is also her strength supporting students and parents with the most effective study plan in a foreign country.


Account Officer

Fion Kong is an experienced finance and account executive with a demonstrated history of working experiences in the education industry. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Applied Mathematics from University Of Science Malaysia. Also, she has achieved her ACCA Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business. 

At work, Fion Kong has 10 years working journey in Singapore since she graduated from University. She has 8 years working experiences in finance and accounting field. She is professional with highly skilled in account receivable, account payable, handling journals and staff travel reimbursement claims. Her personal traits include a high level of integrity, willing to learn new skills, detail-oriented and well organised.

During the weekend, she likes to bake and cook for her beloved family. Also, she enjoys yoga to maintain healthy lifestyle.