In 2001, Bina Nusantara Foundation built a new education facility in Senayan, a prestigious commercial centre in the heart of Jakarta that allows for easy access and other advantages. The campus is now known as BINUS University International, a sustainable centre of knowledge and learning – incubators of innovation that can flexibly respond to the fast-changing demands of industry and society. BINUS University International is a higher institution of world-class education that excels with five learning experiences.

BINUS is passionate about fostering and transforming their graduates to become more global, more innovative, and better individuals. Currently, 50% of their new graduates are accepted in multinational companies or prominent Indonesian companies. As of this year’s cohort, they will gain the required international experience through double degrees, studying abroad, immersion, international projects, or overseas internships. Not only that, BINUS has just launched the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a new Hybrid-Modular Curriculum. All of this beyond classroom experience will make you more confident when you graduate, empowering you to become future leaders.

BINUS University has passed through wonderful 26 years to serve education to the national and international community from pre-school to higher education.

Why Study at BINUS University?

  • The Hybrid-Modular Curriculum aims to create high quality students that will turn into exceptional global graduates who will establish a forward-thinking culture committed to innovation and entrepreneurship. Students are placed at the centre of learning and encouraged to unleash their innate innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets. The curriculum also equips them with relevant and applicable skills that will help prepare them for their future global careers.
  • In BINUS University, students are introduced to unique approach in education through problem based learning where students can have the flexibility to use their knowledge and creativity to build innovative creations based on what they have learned.
  • Students will be fostered to cultivate real world experience by collaborating with their peers to finish tangible projects and applying their knowledge to relevant experience. Real world experience is also provided through the 3+1 program, where students take one year off-campus to gain work experience through internships in prestigious companies abroad or within the country.
  • Students need a fostering environment, which helps them to bring out their personal skills of communication, teamwork, decision-making and leadership, and the integrity and character. Having understood this need, BINUS has redesigned the innovation and entrepreneurship campus ecosystem through CIDER (Catalyzer for Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship & Research).
  • At BINUS University the approach to education is one that gives the opportunities for students not to only thrive nationally, but also internationally. Students will be prepared to build a career that spans internationally not only for personal success, but also to create innovative and knowledgeable future national leaders.
  • 100% internationally qualified faculty members: at least one year overseas, either study or work; otherwise graduated with cum laude.