Having been around since 1944, Bedford College is a prominent non-profit Registered Training Organization with exceptional reputation in vocational education sector. Bedford particularly believes in its student-focused learning system and it is a proven pioneer in setting the quality standard across other training providers.

Their warm and open environment embedded with an equality policy welcomes all individuals to belong. Its non-exclusive approach guarantees a mutual respect for all its students who originate from a broad diversity of cultural background to excel in further education and career progression.

Why Study at Bedford College?

  • Founded since 1944 with outstanding track record of high quality vocational training.
  • Guaranteed entry (with credit) into a number of distinguished Australian Universities.
  • Complimentary Supervised Study Period to all students from 3 pm to 4 pm daily.
  • Controlled class sizes consisting of 20 students since its inception.
  • Delivered business, leadership and management training for more than 65 years in a corporate environment.
  • Purpose-built Child Care Campuses designed to replicate a sophisticated Early Childhood Centres as the most contemporary training facilities in Australia.
  • Promising career and future employment prospects.
  • Approved Vet Student Loans Provider.
  • Mixed numbers of local and international students suggests rich cultural diversity.
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