Ambridge Institute has over 18 years’ experience in education as part of the Gench Group – founders of one of the top private universities in Asia. Now they are extending their expertise and passion to help overseas students in Australia achieve their goals… and enjoy the best study experience possible.

Ambridge Institute sits in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. A short walk from most famous attractions in Sydney – as well as trains, shops, parks and more.

Why Study at Ambridge Institute?

  • With decades of experience in education, Ambridge Institute knows how to empower and encourage every student.
  • Their professional and caring teaching team make the classes work to suit your personal learning style and skill level.
  • Whether you need advice on visas, accommodation, transport or overseas health cover, they’ll point you in the right direction – every step of the way.
  • Ambridge Institute provides flexible times help you maintain a better study-life balance, and their payment plans let you pay for your course fees while you study.
  • From advanced audio-visual equipment to spacious study spaces, Ambridge Institute has everything you need to learn and thrive.
  • Whether you’re looking to improve your English, prepare for a test or launch a career in business, Ambridge Institute has a range of course options for you.
  • From their Study Hub to their online and onsite reference libraries, Ambridge Institute helps you reach your full potential through ongoing academic support.
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